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KaviAR Tech • Augmented Reality

KaviAR Tech • Augmented Reality

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KaviAR [Tech] is a company specialized in proposing innovative solutions intended to mobilize Augmented Reality technology to create value for its client-users. The company targets B to B to C markets and aims to participate in the massive dissemination of the use of Augmented Reality technology with the aim of evangelizing it. KaviAR [Tech] adopts a unique positioning with the desire to carry out a permanent innovation approach within its projects. The company adopts a dual mode of operation with on the one hand a laboratory activity and on the other an agency activity based on its own products or applications. The culture of innovation and the search for new uses are integral parts of the DNA of KaviAR [Tech]. As such, the company adopts a posture of expert of the French Tech Lab to test and design innovative solutions with augmented reality technology. This activity responds to a need for the dissemination and use of this technology among professionals and individuals, but also makes it possible to capitalize on knowledge and technological know-how for the development of new KaviAR [Tech] products. All of these developments are the result of specific business requests or the result of research and innovation work by the technical and marketing team. KaviAR [Tech] disrupts AR by modulating services based on Do It Yourself and gives everyone the maximum means to appropriate AR in order to multiply creative digital content that can be transposed into the real world. KaviAR Tech supports a primary value: Digital must be and remain at the service of man. The digital must therefore come into the real world (AR) and we do not want to send Man into the digital (VR) at the risk of cutting him off from our beautiful land.

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Anthony Merzouki
Anthony Merzouki
Michel Ruiz
Michel Ruiz
COFOUNDER • CEO & Marketing


Les évolutions des usages et des technologies pour les solutions de réalité augmentée à destination du grand public

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18/03/2022 | 16:00 - 16:45 | Espace workshop

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