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Main topics 2022

Enter the metaverse
More and more virtual and augmented reality

More and more virtual and augmented reality

Like every year, discover the latest hardware and the latest virtual and augmented reality experiences.
Focus on virtual worlds

Focus on virtual worlds

From 2022, Virtuality will deal with key themes related to virtual worlds. Digital convergence and the erasure of boundaries between real and virtual. The spatial web and its consumption in 3D. Digital identity in these new spaces. Hardware and telecom infrastructures linked to the metaverse.
The power of blockchain

The power of blockchain

Also from 2022, we will address the blockchain as an essential link at the heart of these new exchange relationships. Digital ownership and the role of NFTs. Securing exchanges and interoperability with smart contracts. Cryptocurrencies and their roles beyond fiat currencies.

Who is concerned?

For professionals from all industries

Business meetings

Meet our exhibitors during the event. Prepare your meetings before the trade-show with our digital platform.

Use cases and pedagogy

Let's talk about technologies and apply them to very concrete use cases to help you imagine the future. The richness of our conference program will help you better understand the metaverse as a whole.

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